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Josh Jambon

My name is Josh Jambon and I am the CEO of Jambon Marine Service / Jambon Boats which is an offshore vessel transportation company. Welcome to my blog where I will not only talk about my company, but will also talk about myself, what I like, etc.

I attended college at Nicholls State University which is located in Thibodaux, Louisiana where I discovered that I had a knack for business. I also realized that it was a subject that greatly interested me, which is why I ended up pursuing a degree in Business Management.

Upon completion of the course work necessary for obtaining a degree in Business Management, I decided to start my journey into the real world by building my own business. The first business that I decided to start was Super-Valu Marine Supply; I created this business to help in assistance of offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico. After a couple of years passed, I began to recognize the increasing demand for offshore supply vessels within the coast and so I decided to start my second (and current) business; Jambon Boats (which is currently known as Jambon Marine Service).

Over the last 25 years, I made sure that my business was dedicated to servicing the oil and gas industry. Once I started to become known as an industry leader on the domestic front, I then decided to expand my business internationally. In 1998, I took on the challenge to extend my services to Mexico and South America.

Just recently, I extended further by setting up a second office in Ghana where our company not only offers its services, but also employs and trains native people on its equipment!


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    Golden Meadow, LA — (SBWIRE) — 12/03/2012 — The second quarter saw higher than expected earnings for offshore-drilling and offshore-transportation contractors as the oil and gas sector continues to hire specialized companies to fulfill their needs. In fact, analysts are anticipating that there will be an upcoming battle among the various energy companies looking to duke it out to secure ultra deepwater availability.

    This in turn has caused an increase in demand for the services of Louisiana based business Jambon Boats who recently made the bold decision to undertake transportation of services and personnel from offshore to onshore and vice versa. With the prices of fossil fuels continuing to fluctuate, larger construction support vessels simply will not take the smaller, less profitable work.

    “Specifically, we noticed a window of opportunity to work within a niche that most other companies were not serving. With many oil and gas companies using their deep pockets to scour the deepwater for energy, we realized that we had a chance to seize a market that was being underserved.” said Josh Jambon, CEO of Jambon Boats in Golden Meadow, Louisiana. ”

    “A lot of our nations ability to supply additional oil over time will need to come from deepwater and ultra deepwater drilling.” added Josh Jambon.

    This high demand has led to growth for Jambon Boats which has seen a growth in its network which currently boasts of 17 offices that are able to offer local expertise within an international network. In turn, these primary offices are supported by a network of representative offices, giving Jambon Boats a total of 62 offices worldwide.

    Josh Jambon stated that his company continues to aggressively develop their commercial fleet, ensuring that they are equipped with the latest technology. In addition, Jambon Boats looks to continue its ability to exceed their customers’ expectations.

    About Jambon Boats
    Jambon Boats is a company that rents out offshore support vessels to the international oil and gas industry. The company,, also provides superior management of oceangoing vessels for offshore transportation. Their vessels assist other companies in drilling, production, construction, diving, and environmental operations.

    For more information about offshore support vessels, supplies, diving operations or to schedule a meeting or interview with founder Josh Jambon of Jambon Boats, please contact our head of media and relations, Anthony Xavier.

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