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Apple Tinkering With Idea Of ‘iWatch’

February 11, 2013

Apple has reportedly been testing a curved glass watch which is nostalgic of a hard boiled detective by the name of Dick Tracy; reports are saying that the device is meant to either work with a user’s smartphone or perhaps act as a smartphone.

Whether this rumor is true or not is another story, however technology experts are speculating that wearable devices will become the new hot trend this year with fitness-focused gadgets already gaining ground in the consumer market. The fact that Google is already laying down the groundwork for a wearable device that acts as a smartphone is making the idea more mainstream. If Apple decides to join into the trend, then wearable tech might indeed be the next big thing.

The concept of being able to wear an Apple device isn’t a new one as the iPod Nano has been used as a watch for quite some time now though the iPod doesn’t have smartphone integration capabilities making the iWatch intriguing. Apple could easily create a wearable device that uses iOS, the same operating system they use for their smartphones and tablets.

Aside from being able to get directions from Siri or using Facetime to speak with people while on the move, the iWatch has the ability to give Apple a strong position into mobile payments. A device that’s strapped onto a wrist will give people a easier, faster way to make payments as well as to get information on coupons by using apps such as Passbook. In addition, Apple could deploy their mapping app and then use crowd-sourcing to get walking routes in a faster fashion.

It’s also possible that this wristwatch can be used as a control portal to be used with other Apple products such as the iPhone, Mac or Apple TV (if that actually ever comes out). It’ll be interesting to see if this rumor actually comes to fruition or lands by the wayside in the same manner as some other Apple products (Apple TV anyone!).


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