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Google Glasses Spotted in New York

January 18, 2013

Google Glasses

As recently reported by The Gothamist, a few Google developers have been spotted wearing the new Google Glasses. which is a product from Google that is able to display information, in the same fashion as your smartphone, in a hands-free manner. The user is able to search and interact with the Internet using voice commands.  The operating system will be Google’s android system.

  • The glasses have almost the same functionality that your smartphone has, but with the glasses you’ll be able to pull information faster, without any need for typing
  • Scrolling the web can be done by using a scrolling motion with your fingers
  • The interactions that you have with the glasses are noticeable so people will know when you are paying attention to them

While the idea isn’t novel, there’s a lot of noise due to the fact that this model is much slimmer than previous design models for head-mounted displays.  Availability will be first for  Google I/O developers at a price of $1,500, while a consumer version should be ready later on this year. The price for the consumer version is expected to be on par with the price of smartphones.


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