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Manti Te’o’s NFL Stock Plummeting

January 17, 2013

Manti Te'o Hoax

Interesting article today about Manti Te’o who had been serving as an inspiration to all after having to deal with both his grandmother’s and girlfriend’s death within the same week… turns out though that his girlfriend isn’t dead. She was never in a car accident nor did she have leukemia.

Deadspin, which broke the story, is claming that Kekua (who was supposed to be the girlfriend of Te’o) is actually a persona that has been perpetrated by Roniah Tuiasosopo who is either related or close friends with Te’o, according to a source.

Te’o claims not to be on the hoax and Notre Dame is backing his story, however this is definitely a huge blemish on his career and will surely cause him to drop in the NFL lottery. It’s also a black mark for Notre Dame.

If Te’o wasn’t in on this, he got fooled big time since he claimed that Kekua’s is what served as his inspiration for his phenomenal performance during his senior year. Te’o issued a statement claiming he developed an emotional relationship with a woman he met online and was the victim of “someone’s sick joke and constant lies.”

I mean you want to believe Te’o as he comes across as a sincere and nice guy, but there are just so many questions. For example, on the day Kekua was buried, Te’o decided to play in a game against Michigan instead of going to the funeral for Kekua. He claims that all she wanted were some white roses. Even if that’s the case, you would think for a guy who seemed to really be in love with his girlfriend, that he would have visited some grave or spoken to some family at some point after the supposed death.

Also, it just seems strange that someone can be that socially naive. It’s not like this was some short online romance. Supposedly the two had been ‘together’ for three years… in all that time, Te’o didn’t care to meet this woman at least once?

Te’o is expected to talk with the media tomorrow… the man who was once considered a hero at Notre Dame after completing a spectacular season has had an awful two weeks with his abysmal game against Alabama and now this talk about him being in on an elaborate hoax. Even if his NFL stock doesn’t go down, he’ll have a lot of work to do on improving his reputation.


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