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Best Paid Offshore Jobs

November 28, 2012

The offshore industy pertains to the work that concerns oil and gas that is located “off shore” thus the name. Imagine working in oil rigs that are considered an island in itself due to its sheer size; it takes a lot of hands to maintain such operation. From the jobs that are considered low like mopping floor to oil driller operators, there is certainly a work that fits your qualification and skills. Before we head on discussing the various positions that might fit you, let’s discuss how oil rig systems work.

There are various oil rigs / platform around the world, popular example are: the Petronius Platform, Kerr-McGee’s Neptune, and Devil’s Tower by the Enis Company are all located in the Gulf of Mexico. Then we have the Hibernia platform that can be found in Canada, Baldpate in Louisiana, Troll.

(Image credit:

The image above is an example of an oil rig structure.  You might see from pictures online structures seems small, well that’s only teeny part of the entire structure or rather the top most area and the rest is submerge below sea level as demonstrated above. With that said, let’s talk services and personnel.

Since these rigs are isolated in the middle of nowhere, supplies are delivered via cargo vessels. Barges are hired to continually distribute all the needed materials for daily use. Companies such as Jambon Boats, an offshore transportation provider,have these vessels in addition to being able to render other services. If you are not familiar with Josh Jambon and his company; they were founded in 2005 and employ multiple skilled staff and faculty and over 15 vessels that are either commercially or government owned. If you want to check vessel specifications for the equipment that Jambon Boats uses, you can visit them at their website.

Next and most important – what are the jobs available in the offshore business?The oil and gas industry is robust. It continually grows and the increase in demand for workers and services are becoming top priorities from hiring companies. It is important to remember that offshore work is hard and demanding. It is not an industry that is fit for everyone however do not let that fact discourage you. If you do think that this is a career for you and that you can handle it, the potential for promotion is high and the pay is great. Here are a few things to consider though before deciding whether the path in the offshore drilling industry is right for you.

The rate of pay for entry level positions for those working in the offshore oil industry is typically higher than most other jobs due to the long hours and the high risk nature of the job. You can typically start out making anywhere from $18 to $25 per hour. The rate of pay only increases from there depending on experience and the danger that is involved with the particular job that you are undertaking. Some jobs that are available for those with a high school diploma or GED include welder, painter, being a part of the drill crew, being a part of the deck crew, material man…. just to name a few.

The work on an offshore oil rig can be dangerous and it involves long, grueling shifts that can last anywhere between 12 – 24 hours! You may be required to work long shifts several days in a row with very little time for rest. The job is physically demanding and requires great strength and stamina so if you have any health issues, it’s possible that there are certain jobs that will not be right for you. It is even possible to not need a high school diploma when applying if on-site training is provided.

Very often, you will be required to stay offshore for at least two weeks, maybe even more before getting to return home for two weeks. If you have a family, this could put a strain on the relationship and is something to consider before pursuing a career in offshore drilling.

If you do still want to consider a career in the offshore business, check the needed qualification as per company guidelines and focus on your career path to secure a position in the offshore industry. While this can be a dangerous job that requires long hours, it’s also a very fulfilling job that can lead to great potential. Furthermore, even though we are in a down trodden economy, the oil/gas business is still booming and there are plenty of jobs to be had.


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